Customer Engagement: how to increase engagement through customer experience.

Customer engagement is the process of increasing customer loyalty, satisfaction, and advocacy for a product or service. The goal of customer engagement is to make customers feel special, recognized and valued through personalized interactions with your brand. Customer Engagement can also be defined as a way in which you engage directly with your customers on an individual level in order to build trust and make them more loyal towards your business.

What is customer engagement

Customer engagement is a measure of a company’s ability to connect with its customers through interactions that are frequent, intense and long-lasting. It’s more than simply having a presence on social media or sending out marketing emails; it’s about how customers perceive their relationship with the company. Customer engagement also has implications for employee satisfaction and loyalty, which can lead to increased productivity in business operations.

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How to measure customer engagement

Customer engagement is a measure of how much a customer is willing to engage with your business. The higher the engagement, the more likely they will be to recommend your business to others.

The more engaged your customers are, the more likely they are to spend more money with you. They will also be more loyal and less likely to switch brands because of their increased trust in what you provide them or how much they like working with you.

If you can increase customer engagement, there are many benefits for your brand.

Benefits of a customer engagement

Customer engagement is the key to success. By engaging with customers on an individualized level, you can help them feel like they're part of your brand, which in turn leads to increased loyalty and sales. It can also help you create a loyal customer base; instead of just having one-time customers who don't return, you'll have repeat customers who come back again and again because they enjoy the experience of doing business with your company. This leads to increased sales as well as better brand recognition for your business (you'll be more likely to get people talking about how great it is).

How to increase customer engagement with customer experience

TCXA offers a comprehensive solution for managing customer experience, which is especially suited to helping you improve engagement.

By mapping all interactions that customers have with your organization, both online and offline, our CX KPI framework allows your brand to precisely evaluate customer engagement and satisfaction. This experience monitoring includes not only the initial purchase but also everything from placing an order to receiving it, interacting with a customer service representative and finally sharing their experiences on social media or review sites like Yelp or TripAdvisor. By centralising all key metrics, we allow your brand to comprehend how customers feel throughout this process—whether they're delighted by every interaction or frustrated by any one of them.

By measuring customer engagement you can understand how well your organization is doing in providing exceptional CX across all channels. This helps you identify areas where improvement can be made so that you can keep improving over time—and ultimately increase revenue through increased customer lifetime value (CLV).


A customer experience is a reflection of you and your business, and it should be the key to building a relationship with your customers. It’s important for you to understand what needs your customers have and give them an experience that will make them want to come back again and again. If you can do this, then your customer engagement will increase, which means more sales!