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Why is it important to have customer personas?

DEFINE Customer personas have become the most common method used to understand your most important target audience(s). This means identifying key archetypes and interpreting essential customer insights to remain successful and relevant.

IN CX TERMS In traditional CX, personas tend to be exclusively used as a static and singular method to understand customers, which highlights some parts, but overlooks most of the (valuable!) characteristics of the audience.

AT TCXA We create and drive the needs of your community throughout the organization, with overviews of connections and key data identifications that dynamise the process. Together, the journey and the community are optimal methods to understand how everything is connected.

TCXA’s One Community approach breaks down your audience into groups, personas and needs. With this approach, we use the insights we gather in the first phase of the CX transformation to decide what we might build for a client. Personas play a central role in deciding the customer journey, selecting KPIs and the technical tooling, and help us create those wow moments that your customers just can’t get enough of.