Mapping your Customer Journey

The Customer Experience Agency (TCXA) is a customer experience agency that works with businesses and brands to create the best customer experience possible. We guide companies with strategic and tactical CX thinking to unify the vision and CX goals of all departments. Through this process we create the One Journey - a map of your customers' journey, that allows you to see where you can improve their experience. The goal of this article is to explain what customer journey mapping is and how it can benefit your business.

Mapping your Customer Journey

Mapping your customer journey is an important part of the customer experience management. By mapping your customer journey, you can identify where opportunities exist to improve the experience for customers and increase sales.

The first step in creating a customer journey map is to review your existing data to determine key touch points that affect each stage of their path. Then, as you gather new information about these touch points, update your map accordingly.

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How does it work?

The Customer Experience Agency (TCXA) is here to help you map your end-to-end customer journey. Mapping the One Journey allows you to create a customer-centric strategy that focuses on what matters most to them, ultimately improving your brand's performance and loyalty.

Why mapping?

Mapping the entire journey allows us to see where there are opportunities for improvement, and how potential improvements can be implemented. This will enable us to deliver a consistent experience across all touch points of the customer journey—from their first interaction with your brand until their last one—creating a more holistic approach to customer experience.

What should be included in the One Journey?

We recommend mapping out every aspect of the customer experience including: online interactions; physical stores; sales & service channels; product launches/offerings and much more!


Customer journey mapping is a powerful tool that can help you understand your customers better and improve their experience. By creating customer journey maps, you can make more informed decisions about how to engage with your customers, what information to provide them with, and how best to serve them.