We build a customized experience to help you achieve optimal health and high performance in every aspect of your life.

Track and optimize your sleep hygiene, stress levels, and fitness journey and recovery with the help of wearable technology and learn how to manage these parameters to better your performance.

Week 1 - Week 4


  • Health Interview
  • Evaluate Starter Kit
  • Goal & Action Plan Setting

Health Report

  • Heart Rate Metrics
  • Sleep Quality & Quantity
  • Additional Health Markers

Lifestyle Integration

  • Up to 3 Sessions Per Week Of 30-90 Min
  • Addressing The 4 Pillars
  • Digitalizing Health Markers And Action Plan

Week 5 - Week 12


  • Addressing obstacles and exploring ways to adhere to plan on daily basis
  • Check-ins


  • Workouts to improve pain and stress resilience
  • Increase Motivation to Succeed

Health Outcomes

  • Assess the health changes
  • Outline what Lifestyle Aspects was most successful
  • Outline a 6 month- 1Year program to continue improvement
  • We use the Apple Watch 8 Series or the Fitbit Charge 5 for sleep, stress and recovery markers.
  • Continuous Glucose Monitors to measure metabolic health.

The Pillars Of Health


Optimize your sleep quality (time in deep and rapid eye movement stages and % of time under resting heart rate) through our recommended proper sleep hygiene routine and supplementation.


Fuel your body to fulfill your individual needs with proper timing of meals and eating as a way of healing your body while decreasing inflammation.


Get insight into what parts of your biomechanical chain need special attention based on your current abilities. By addressing your weak spots we can alleviate potential pain and create more resilience and strength.


Breathing is the connection to your autonomic nervous system, which is in control of your stress state. Through awareness and short bespoke exercises we can decrease the chronicity of stress and engage your diaphragm to reconnect your intrinsic muscular tension to your breath.


Understanding where you can benefit the most from is the ultimate goal of our assessment. Get the biggest impact out of the smallest lifestyle change by assessing your sleep, eating habit, movement routine, and current breathing pattern.

Lifestyle Integration

We look at your realities and assign lifestyle, exercise and nutrition recommendations that will give you the biggest reward for the effort you put in.

Our approach looks at these key aspects of wellness:

Pre-Sleep Routine

Morning / Evening Routines

Light, Heat And Cold Exposure

Meal Prep And Timing

Movement Prescription

Adherence Coaching

Breathwork practices

Digital Tracking

Constant support for success. Track exercise, nutrition, sleep hygiene and breathwork protocols based on your weekly challenges and timetables. We utilize the latest wearable technology to track your daily objectives and gamify the healthy experience. Quantitative data can help beat hardwired bad habits. Achieve success with the help of technology!


The goal is for you to perform better, rise up to new challenges for your body and get your mind ready for clarity, mindfulness, and stress resilience. Optimize your neuro-chemical responses to your daily stressors. Caffeine and other modulators, light exposure, body temperature and more, impact your stress levels and ability to focus, learn how to revamp these parameters to best meet your performance goals.

Meet Our Executive Health Specialist,
Nicolas Bestari

The program leader is an integrated health expert utilising movement as a catalyser to bettering your health. His role is to assess which changes will bring you the best return. Your weekly meetings will impact your way of life while his many successes of decreasing chronic pain, improving long term health and allowing executives to be more focused and efficient will resonate with your own experience.


We formulate a 12-week personalized wellness plan based upon The Four Pillars of Health

You will be working closely with a trained health expert for frequent check-ins and guidance along the way and any follow-up treatment plans can be planned accordingly.

Pricing: 8000-12000 euros for 12 weeks incl. Trackers and Testing

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