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We help Africa build for the NOW with our unique thought leadership, design, research and technology framework, creating real-time engagement and balancing personalization with customer comfort levels.

What we bring to the region

Customer Experience Vision & Strategy

TCXA is your strategic and tactical partner to lead and define CX strategy. We work closely with you to create a clear, actionable vision for your customer experience and ensure that it is aligned with brand purpose, positioning, and organizational goals.

Our approach is highly collaborative & pragmatic, ensuring that we engage stakeholders at all levels of the organization.

Experience Design & Innovation

Our experience design and innovation team is dedicated to creating moments that share your customers' experience. We believe that an experience is only successful when it helps you achieve customer satisfaction, and we work with you to identify which moments are most important and how to shape them so that they align with your brand.

With key insights from data and research we identify relevant actions your customers want during their experience, and then use those insights to drive customer retention.

Journey Architecture & Audiencing

Experience architecture is the core of your brand's customer journey. Leverage your brand's assets to create an experience that aligns with your audience's needs and expectations, and remain relevant for today and tomorrow.

With a deep understanding of your brand and audience, we identify the fundamental steps of your customers journey to build an end-to-end experience blueprint.

Human-focused Technology

We help you build and develop your experience ecosystem, and highlight the importance of partners as co-creators of your experience.

We work with you to understand the processes required to build an effective experience that can support your brand goals, as well as select relevant technologies and partners best suited for the mission.


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Frequently Asked Questions About TCXA

What is a customer experience agency?


We're glad you asked.

A customer experience agency is just what it sounds like: an agency that focuses on helping brands create meaningful and lasting connections with their customers.

We’re a customer experience agency. We help brands create and deliver complete customer experiences.

More than just an agency, we’re a partner. We believe that the only way to truly understand your customers is to be in there with them, experiencing what they do and how they think, living their lives and seeing the world through their eyes.

We've been around for four years, but we've grown quickly because we're always looking for new ways to help our clients improve their customer experience. We've positioned ourselves as an orchestrating partner—we understand people and the environment you're operating in, and we have extensive experience across many domains.

We go beyond design and consultancy to include strategic thinking, research and technology... because we believe that good CX isn't just about making something pretty; it's about helping users achieve their goals.

We take a 5-step CX framework that we designed, Nowness, and use it as a guide when working with brands across a wide variety of industries to create real and relevant experiences in your domain.

If this sounds like what you've been searching for, contact us today!

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Why is customer experience important?


The customer experience (CX) is one of the most important parts of your brand. It's how your audience views you, and it can make or break the first impression someone has with your company.

Your CX needs to be all-encompassing—covering all interactions between your customers and your company, from browsing through your website to interacting with a salesperson in-store. A great CX will help turn casual visitors into loyal customers, who forge long-lasting relationships with your brand. It's about how they feel about your brand and whether they trust you enough to do business with you again in the future.

CX is different from customer service because it focuses on the entire customer experience, including every interaction both online and offline. It’s not just about providing customer service. It’s about providing a high-quality, consistent experience that cover all interactions between a brand and its audience. Providing clear guidance and value to your brand and to their needs at every stage of their journey to stand out from the competition—no matter what industry you’re in.

TCXA helps brands with customer experience transformation by providing clear guidance and value to the brand and to the customer experience. The TCXA Nowness framework is layered so that it can be applied across the entire organization, from marketing teams to product design teams. It helps highlight all the interactions and needs within each step so that everyone has a clear understanding of what you truely stand for.

At TCXA, we are committed to providing you with the best customer experience possible. We know that it's not just about the products you sell, but also about how you deliver them. That's why we're here to help you meet your goals and exceed your expectations.

If you have any questions or would like more information about how we can work together, please don't hesitate to contact us!

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How do I enhance my customer experience?


How do I enhance my customer experience?

Enhancing the customer experience has become a top priority for many companies. In fact, it's one of the biggest challenges you'll face as a business owner. But there's good news: we've got your back!

We know how important it is to create a personalized experience for each and every client, so we've created a framework that helps you do just that. We call it Nowness, and it will help you create the best possible experience for your customers.

It's all about understanding what makes a great customer experience and creating a personalized customer experience framework that fits in with your brand values.

You can start by making sure all available company and market insights are being used to create a unique CX vision for your company. This vision should be aligned with your business goals, and it should be based on research into what customers want from their interactions with you.

Once you've established that vision, it's time to turn it into reality! Use all channels available to you and make sure they're aligned with the overarching strategy of your company's CX program.

The most successful companies understand that it's not enough to just have a single channel like email or social media; instead, they use multiple channels to create an optimal customer experience across all touch points.

At TCXA, we've positioned ourselves as an orchestrating partner in this process—balancing design, consultancy, research and technology to create and deliver complete customer experiences that are memorable and meaningful for our clients' customers every time they interact with them.

Are you ready to become a Best in Class company?

We can help! Our team of experts will work with you to turn your customer experience vision into reality. We'll help you design the strategy that will enable you to provide the kind of customer experiences that set you apart from the rest of the industry.

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What makes up a guest customer experience strategy in hospitality?


What makes up a good guest experience in hospitality?

A good guest experience is all about the details.

We believe that the key to delivering great customer experiences is by leveraging data and technology to ensure that guests are treated as individuals, not just another number

Creating a great customer experience starts with understanding what your customers need, and then making sure they get it. It's all about making the customer feel like they are at the center of everything you do. It’s about empowering them to make their own choices, respecting their needs and preferences, and taking the time to ensure that they have a great experience.

We know that every guest is different, and every hotel has its own style and focus. That's why at TCXA, we offer our clients a personalized approach to transforming their hospitality experiences.

We start by mapping the journeys of your guests—online and offline—and identifying the steps, interactions and touchpoints along the way. We use this information to identify opportunities for improvement, so you can deliver personalized hotel experiences that resonate with your guests, while empowering your staff to deliver great CX and hotel services.

We're experts in transforming hospitality experiences—and we've got some best practices to share with you!

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