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Crazy About Eggs

Immersive Customer Experience

Crazy About Eggs is a transformative food brand, on a mission to change how people perceive the egg industry - by delivering a new and improved experiences for both consumers and farmers. They provide consumers with a convenient way of buying their favorite products through their mobile or website with weekly subscription and home delivery. With the goal of providing fresh, organic and cruelty free eggs at affordable prices so everyone could enjoy them.

Their challenge

Crazy About Eggs wants to change the egg industry by creating a fully integrated egg brand with transparent labels, that tell consumers what they're getting (and not getting) when they buy their eggs. Combining all the elements that make up a fantastic brand story, Crazy About eggs wants a greater purpose to the chickens and their farmers. With TCXA, they created unique immersvive and memorable experiences.

Our approach

We started by identifying what makes an egg experience (or eggsperience) great and complete. This involved analysing the industry to gather consumer insights and build a reliable and future proof customer journey. Based on segments and insights, we built actionable recommendations for each stage of the journey to build the future of eggs. We identified relevant technological partners to support the subscription food engine and experience moments, including best practices for sustainable packaging solutions.

The Outcome

We worked alongside a team of egg enthusiasts to create a full customer experience strategy for the egg industry. With your deep knowledge of and passion for eggs, we helped build durable customer relationships that reflect the unique and forward thinking fundamentals of Crazy About Eggs.

Crazy About Eggs
Crazy About Eggs

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