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Diriyah Gate

Customer Experience Strategy

The Diriyah Gate project, a major cultural and one of the most prestigious hospitality projects in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Delivering heritage experiences, empowering education, world-class entertainment, outstanding lifestyle and vibrant shopping and dining. To ensure that the project would provide an exceptional customer experience for guests, DG partnered with The Customer Experience Agency (TCXA) to design the foundations of the hospitality customer experience.

Their Challenge

The main problem TCXA helped DGDA to solve was the lack of a cohesive and effective customer experience strategy across multiple touchpoints and events. .The company was looking to become a global disruptor in the hospitality industry by creating a customer-centric approach.

Our Approach

To help DG achieve this goal, TCXA worked closely with the company as strategic and tactical partners. This involved conducting a thorough research of the top global hospitality standards of guest experiences, creating key personas, key journeys per segment and key strategies for onboarding per category. It also included the implementation of KPI and lifecycle metrics and a technology assessment on the best possible architecture for future guest engagement.

The Outcome

The outcome of the project was a successful customer experience foundation for DG. This helped the company to become a global disruptor in the hospitality industry, turning into a CX oriented company. This contributed to increased guest satisfaction and revenue. Overall, the partnership with TCXA helped DG to achieve its goal of providing an exceptional customer experience for guests and becoming a global leader in the hospitality industry.

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