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Local Digital Experience

Jumbo Supermarkets is a Dutch retail chain that operates over 600 stores across the Netherlands, known for its wide variety of products and competitive prices. During the pandemic, Jumbo took the focus to the stores, with digital campaigns for communities within the close proximity of a store. "local digital" program is designed to make independent Jumbo stores relevant within the food journey during Covid-19. Hyperfocus on communities around a small radius of the stores.

Their Challenge

Jumbo wanted to engage with local communities and raise awareness about their stores and the journey of their products. Building unique digital experiences that help build trust and foster conversations with customers.

Our Approach

To help Jumbo achieve this goal, TCXA worked closely with the company as a CX partner for the local digital activations. This involved conducting a thorough analysis of Jumbo's current local digital campaign, identifying areas for improvement, and developing a comprehensive strategy to enhance the overall customer experience. Providing relevant strategic and tactical recommendations to support local experiences.

The Outcome

Noticeable improvement within the digital journey of Jumbo customers helped the company to better engage with its communities and share knowledge and insights about the food journey. Overall, the partnership with TCXA helped Jumbo to achieve its goal of providing an exceptional digital customer experience during the pandemic and activating a successful local digital campaign.

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