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Employee Experience Optimization

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines is a leading international airline known for its high-quality service and commitment to customer satisfaction. To ensure that their employees have an exceptional experience, KLM partnered with The Customer Experience Agency (TCXA) to lead an employee experience transformation project across major Dutch airports.

Their Challenge

The main problem TCXA helped KLM to solve was the lack of effectiveness within the employee journey, specifically in the areas of onboarding and communication. KLM was looking to redesign its employee journey to improve these areas and create a more compelling employee experience.

Our Approach

To help KLM achieve this goal, TCXA worked closely with the company as an employee experience partners. With a profound analysis of the existing employee journey, identifying areas for improvement, and developing a comprehensive strategy to enhance the overall employee experience. Utilizing existing IT infrastructures and partners, TCXA created a modern employee journey that was engaging and informative for more than 200 KLM crew members daily.

The Outcome

The outcome of the project was a successful employee journey redesign that facilitated day-to-day communication and improved onboarding for KLM employees across 5 major airports. The new journey leveraged existing IT infrastructure and partners to create a seamless yet relevant experience for the employees. This helped KLM to create a more positive and productive work environment, which in turn contributed to increased employee satisfaction and retention.

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