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Comprehensive Employee Experience

To create awareness and stimulate business integration for Nike’s Insights & Data department we build The Green Lace. A new internal brand to give credit to the important and often unnoticed work of the department. The Green Lace is an internal platform that shows live sales results, current stock, new releases (& dates), overviews & statistics (EU & local), reservations, and a lot more live data & insights.

Their Challenge

Nike HQ came to us with the goal of increasing internal awareness, and building real ambassadors across the departments and teams.

Our Approach

By creating a new internal brand with its new services and products (The Green Lace) they were able to showcase and implement their value directly throughout the organization. The department Data & Insights created a big wave internally and grew from 15 fte to 50 fte in just 2 months and is still growing strong. The Green Lace has been integrated into the new WOW model of Nike HQ and is fully self-serviced by the department.

The outcome

It all comes to daily users of Nike HQ using a huge interactive wall where everybody can ‘play’ around with the data. The interactive wall was also made portable, including project video mapping & sensoring to take it on roadshows, appearances and events. Green “shoebox” iPad mounts were placed at strategic meeting points and departments to enhance visibility and interaction. Every employee got a brand toolkit to promote internal awareness and create real ambassadors for the department.


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