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Nobu Hotels & Restaurants

Localised Guest Experience

Nobu Hotels is a luxury hotel & restaurant brand known for its high-end amenities and personalized service. As part of its commitment to providing exceptional customer experiences, the company partnered with The Customer Experience Agency (TCXA) to develop a comprehensive digital customer experience strategy to engage with local audience groups.

Their Challenge

TCXA joined Nobu with the joint goal of improving the cohesiveness of the digital experience across various online touchpoints, in order to better engage with local partners and guests. Understanding the regional impact on the experience of the guests to determine what remains relevant and brings value to Nobu community members worldwide.

Our Approach

With thourough analysis of Nobu's current digital journey with local providers and guests, we identified areas of improvement and personalization. Working closesy with relevant departments as tactical partners, to develop a comprehensive strategy and roadmap to enhance the overall experience.

The Outcome

The outcome of the project was a significant improvement in the digital customer experience for Nobu Hotels & Restaurants, including the development of a more user-friendly e-commerce platform for local partners. With a depper understanding of local target audience, the partnership with TCXA helped Nobu Hotels to achieve its goal of providing an exceptional digital customer experience for its guests and local partners.

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