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Employee Experience Design

Trivium Packaging is a leader in aluminum packaging manufacturing. Together with relevant departments and leading plants, we analyzed and redesigned the employee experience journey of floor workers, shift managers and department leaders to improve two-way communications and cross-plant collaboration.

Their Challenge

The Customer Experience Agency (TCXA) was chosen to help Trivium Packaging focus on, and understand, the foundations of the employee experience (EX) of their plants. And building a strategic and tactical EX initiatives, with the goal of creating a seamless, consistent, and engaging employee experience across all plants.

Our Approach

We began by conducting an analysis of Trivium's existing employee experience, identifying pain points and areas for progression. We then developed a comprehensive EX strategy that addressed these issues, focusing on creating a digitalized and engaging employee experience. Working in close proximity with the Operational Excellence department of Trivium, we conceptualized and developed 12 leading initiatives with the common goal of improving cross-plant communication and problem solving. The OPEX program evolved from monthly communication to daily engagements and conversations in 3 months, with selected initiatives across 50 plants worldwide, serving for more than 9000 employees.

The Outcome

With this project, Trivium saw a significant improvement in employee engagement and experience across all plants. Employees were able to find the information and support they needed more easily, and reported feeling more satisfied and valued as employees. Trivium experienced increased employee retention and productivity, and the company was able to activate a community of experts within Trivium to increase employee knowledge and improve business performance.


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